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Tuesday 10: Ten Romantic Movies

Hi guys! This week I’m listing my top ten favorite romantic movies. Feel free to share yours in the comments.

Please note that a few of these are bittersweet.

1. The Notebook

2. The Princess Bride

3. Love Actually

4. Ghost

5. Bull Durham

6. Roxanne

7. Secretary

8. White Palace

9. Moonstruck

10. P.S. I Love You


Tuesday 10: Ten Synonyms For Prostate

This week’s list is all about the P spot – or the prostate.

1. Magic button
2. Hot button
3. P spot
4. Special spot
5. Hot spot
6. Sweet spot
7. Happy spot
8. Magic spot
9. Pleasure knot
10. Pleasure center

Tuesday 10: Ten Hot Free MPREG Novels

This week I’m listing my top 10 favorite free MPREG novels. For those who are going “What the BLEEP is MPREG?” It’s any story that involves male pregnancy.

A couple of the stories below are fanfiction and marked as such so you’ll know what you’re getting into before you click on the links.

1. A Little Advice for Aspiring Fires by The Byger
Sterek Mpreg Fanfic
Regardless of his sadly lacking social circle, Stiles was going to have to get some physical contact or he was going to explode. Seriously. It’d be messy and Derek would probably become even more emotionally constipated having to clean up little bits of Stiles from his pristine walls and furniture.
You can find this story at the link below:

2. (Once in a) Blue Moon by clarkoholic, skywardsmiles
Sterek Mpreg Fanfic
Stiles and Derek are getting along, but they’re not a family, and they’re sure as hell not mates. Christ, they’re basically just two stupid guys who happened to get pregnant because of a full moon and sheer dumb luck.
You can find this story at the link below:

3. Balancing Karma by I.D. Locke
Karma has it in for Moswen. Trouble follows him around like a demented, faithful dog. Moswen never means for things to happen the way they do. It just does. And while things may seem bad at first, everything eventually works out for the best even if the road to getting there is a less than a smooth ride.

While fleeing his sister’s wrath for an accident that was almost not his fault, Moswen stumbles upon the chance to crash what promises to be a fun party.

Kijika is hopeful that the birthday bash for his grandfather, the current king, won’t be the deadly boring event he’s sure it will be and he’d much rather be pouring over ancient texts in his quest for knowledge. Moswen’s karma swings into action and Moswen and Kijika cross paths at the party setting in motion a relationship that will give both men what they most desire.
You can find this story at the link below:

4. The Seahorse by Memphis86
Supernatural Mpreg Fanfic
Everything is going fine for Dr. Jensen Ackles, a successful 3rd-year resident in obstetrics and gynecology at Grace’s Heart hospital in San Francisco. But when a 22-year-old art student shows up at claiming he’s pregnant, Jensen is completely certain he’s crazy. After a bunch of tests, a sonogram and a bizarre story about having invoked the wrath of a ram-headed Egyptian fertility god, it turns out that Jared Padalecki isn’t joking: he really did get knocked up! And when Jared insists on having an OB-GYN of his own gender, Jensen’s long stretch of successfully not falling for one of his patients is finally at an end.
You can find this story at the link below:

5. Fate by C.R. Hewitt
Coren Darshaw is a retired pirate and a successful weapons dealer. He has everything he wants, but what he needs is an extra hand or two to help him with his business and home. He decides to go to the slave market to purchase a blacksmith and a housekeeper, and instead buys a mysterious young man out of pity. He is not prepared for the consequences.
You can find this story at the link below:

6. Content by C.R. Hewitt (this is a sequel to Fate)
Coren never imagined himself to be a family man, but things can change. This is a short fic I wrote in tribute to him that gives the reader a small peek into his and Lythallendar’s life together after their children are born.
You can find this story at the link below:

7. Heart String by Azela
Lael was on his way to meet his soul mate, the woman his Heart String chose for him. To his surprise it is not a woman his Heart String has chosen for him.
You can find this story at the link below:

8. This War of Ours by Darkladyknight
Colonel Severson was sent to Garnet to fight in a war that wasn’t really theirs. To fight against people they didn’t understand. To put your life on the line, only to find out that maybe the enemy isn’t really your enemy.
You can find this story at the link below:

9. Tainted Angel by Darkladyknight
Lása wanted to be left alone, to go back to Garnet to face the charges for killing his mate. He didn’t expect for Moria to stand up from him, or the council to pardon his crime. Or someone to open his eyes to love and passion.
You can find this story at the link below:

10. Tearc Dragan by Darkladyknight
Abandoned on a ship lost in space, for thirteen years Solas has been alone. Until fate sent him Devin. But when you can’t understand each other, it’s hard to make things work.
You can find this story at the link below: