Circling Back

A second chance is only the beginning…

Stella fled home at seventeen with a broken heart, an unplanned pregnancy, and a vow never to look back. Twenty years later, she has a career she enjoys and a solid relationship with the child she placed for open adoption. When that child goes in search of her birth father and calls for assistance, Stella is forced to return to her hometown and face the men who broke her heart, one of whom fathered her child.

Gavin and Holden raised a lot of hell as teenagers. They broke the law, broke their mothers’ hearts, and almost broke each other before they finally got their act together. Through all the ups and downs, they stuck by each other and managed to build a happy life together. The one thing they couldn’t do was forget the woman they’d loved and lost.

Forced to face the past and each other after so many years is no small feat. The trio does their best to make amends and put the past behind them while forging new bonds. Old feelings are rekindled and new emotions emerge from the ashes of their youthful indiscretions. Something remarkable could be on the horizon if they’re strong enough to navigate the pitfalls of a triad relationship and stand strong against the outside forces conspiring to bring them to their knees.


Circling Back

ISBN: 9781516351657

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The rest of June and July flew by at the speed of light. They managed to alternate weekend visits and video chat with each other a couple of times a week. Even so, it was never enough. Stella was always left wanting more. More hugs. More kisses. More time. The longer she spent with them, the harder leaving became.
To make matters worse, she’d been scatterbrained as hell at work, which wasn’t like her at all. On Mondays she dragged her tired ass into work regardless of how much she wanted to sleep. Fridays were no better because the weekend was right there, so close she could touch it, and she couldn’t concentrate on anything else. In the time between, she slept poorly and dreamed of someone finally inventing a transporter that could beam people back and forth across long distances. Something like that would make her life so much simpler.
Her boss was starting to look at her funny. Marion, one of the other partner’s assistants, had asked if she was feeling all right after she forgot Thursday was her day to bring in donuts for the break room. She’d never missed a turn. Not even when she’d had the flu and dragged her ass in to work sick as a dog.
Being with Holden and Gavin was driving her mad. Mad with desire when she was with them; mad with impatience when they were apart. In their arms, she felt beautiful and desirable–two things she hadn’t experienced nearly enough in her lifetime. They reminded her that there was more to being a woman than complicated beauty regimens and menstrual cycles. In return, she discovered a need deep within herself to please them and ensure their happiness. The only problem with that was the fact that they lived so far apart.
Stella darted around her apartment, straightening up the clutter that had accumulated all week. A glance at the clock on the wall warned her to pick up her pace because Holden and Gavin were supposed to arrive any minute. It was their weekend at her place and she was running behind schedule–which seemed to be the case more often than not lately.
The doorbell rang just as she shoved the last of the dirty towels into the bathroom hamper. Swiping the tendrils of hair that escaped her braid away from her face, she hurried to the door and yanked it open. “I’m so glad you’re both here.” She leaned out the door and looked beyond Gavin. “Where’s Holden?”
“Wow. Way to make a boy feel like chopped liver,” Gavin deadpanned.
“Oh hush.” Stella ushered Gavin inside and closed the door. “You know I’m thrilled to see you. I was just expecting you both.”
“I know.” Gavin sighed. “Holden really wanted to be here, but he’s behind at the shop and just couldn’t afford to close down tomorrow. He said to send his regrets and tell you he’d make it up to you next weekend.”
“Oh. Okay. Well, that’s understandable.” It sucked, but work was a fact of life they couldn’t avoid.
Gavin must have heard the disappointment in her voice, because he frowned. “If it makes you feel any better, he was pouting like a champ when I left.”
“That does make me feel better and, oddly enough, a little guilty.” Stella walked over to the couch and sat down.
“Guilty?” Gavin followed and sat beside her. “For what?”
Stella grinned, feeling playful and wicked. She lifted up and flipped around, straddling Gavin’s lap. “I feel bad that Holden’s going to miss out on watching all the dirty, dirty things I’m planning to do to his husband this weekend.”
“Oh really?” Gavin asked, grabbing two handfuls of her ass. “Do tell.”
Stella leaned in, breathed in the familiar scent of cologne, testosterone, and male musk, and kissed her way up his neck. “I’d much rather show you.”