One desperate night, a rent boy hot enough to scorch the motel sheets, meets a man doomed to burn for love.

Christian Ryder is cursed with pyromancy, a deadly ability he has difficulty controlling. Having hurt lovers in the past, he has sworn off personal attachments. A setup fit for a wave of videos, that’s for sure.

Tanner O’Bannon is broke and desperate. The recent loss of his father has thrown Tanner into a tailspin of debt he can’t afford to pay. Working as a rent boy allows him to pay the mortgage and his college tuition, but it’s burning away his soul in the process.

Through the machinations of an escort agency these men are thrown together. Smoldering embers of desire fan the flames of love, but will it be enough to make Christian overcome his fear of love, or to save Tanner from the fire?

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He was used to being in charge. In this situation he was at a loss, adrift in a sea of confusion about how things were supposed to progress. Did he have to ask for everything he wanted, or just take it? It was as mystifying as it was frustrating. The best he could figure was to take things slow and try like hell not to cross any invisible boundaries.Tanner searched Christian’s face, his large green eyes skittish. He sucked his lower lip into his mouth, trapping it between straight white teeth, and nodded his consent.

Christian tossed the condom on the bed and kneeled between Tanner’s legs. He ran his hands up and down the strongly corded muscles of the younger man’s thighs, the skin under his palms warm and smooth, the sparse blond hair covering them silky rather than coarse. He let his fingers wander, just touching and reveling in the moment. Every time he crept higher, his fingertips inching ever closer to Tanner’s groin, Tanner would tense, the muscles in his thighs and abdomen rippling with unease.

He gentled his touch, barely gliding the pads of his fingertips over Tanner’s skin, trying to sooth him. When he felt the taut muscles relax he moved higher, the open L of each hand framing Tanner’s cock and balls, and stopped. “Is this okay?”

Tanner’s Adam’s apple bobbed. “Yeah. Touch me.”

Christian took that as all the permission he needed and leaned closer.

Surely Tanner would speak up if anything wigged him out.

He massaged the silken skin inside the crease of Tanner’s thighs, his fingers wrapping around the side of Tanner’s legs and holding on. He leaned closer, inhaling the sweet musk of Tanner’s body, and gave in to temptation.

With the flat of his tongue, Christian licked a slick path up the middle of Tanner’s balls. Delicate skin wrinkled and grew taut under his mouth. Tanner’s hips shifted, and a breathy little moan spilled from his mouth. One of the younger man’s hands rose from beside him on the bed and cupped Christian’s cheek, silently egging him on.

Christian nuzzled in, pressing open-mouthed kisses to the delicate orbs of Tanner’s balls and the slick band of flesh directly behind. Slick? He lifted Tanner’s balls, curiosity getting the better of him, and spotted the base of a small, black butt plug stretching Tanner’s asshole, no doubt bought from somewhere like It was quite the sight.

He groaned. The thought of slowly easing out the plug and replacing it with his thick cock frayed his control. He rose to his feet before he could give in to his desires. He would stick by his earlier notion and take this slow, even if his dick split in two in the process.

Tanner scooted up the length of the bed. He patted the mattress beside him. “Come up here.”

Christian was damn tempted. One kiss or intimate touch that could be misconstrued as anything other than cold, impersonal sex, and he would be fucking the kid through the mattress. His control was hanging by a thread; the tender feeling Tanner resurrected inside him was unimaginable but undeniable. He needed to get what he wanted and then get the hell out there. Tanner was a paid whore, only there for his paycheck at the end of the night. For Christian to feel anything other than lust made him a fucking moron.

He shook off his thoughts and stretched out alongside Tanner, placing his body in the opposite direction of Tanner’s. At eye level with Tanner’s groin, Christian picked up the rubber beside his hips and tore into it. He gripped the ruddy stalk of Tanner’s cock and rolled the thin bit of latex on, letting his touch linger more than was necessary to complete the task.
As dicks went, Tanner’s was a thing of beauty-flushed and hard, with delicate blue veins ringing the solid shaft; who could blame Christian for wanting to take an extra moment to admire it? Finally, when he realized he was teasing himself as much, if not more than Tanner, he slanted his mouth over the blunt crown and sucked it in.

Tanner’s pelvis arched, a low mewling sound filling the air as he rocked into Christian’s willing mouth. His hand tightened on the comforter between his torso and Christian’s body, bunching the material in his fingers. “Christian. Oh, God. I should be the one…”

Christian suckled the tip of Tanner’s cock, his tongue working the flared ridge around the crown, before he popped it from his mouth, and said, “Only if you want to.”

The last word was barely out before he pulled Tanner’s dick back between his lips and went back to work on it, relishing the sensuous glide of smooth, hard flesh over his tongue, and the energy he could feel coursing just below the latex.

A hand tugged at Christian’s hair, the slight sting making him look up over the undulating expanse of Tanner’s abs and meet wide green eyes filled with longing and confusion. “But you’re the one who’s…”

Christian took a deep breath through his nose and swallowed the kid down to the root, wanting nothing more than to cut off his words. As if he needed a reminder of who they were to each other. A rent boy and his john.

Tanner vaulted up off the bed, his upper body rising, while his lower body stayed trapped under Christian’s bulkier frame. “Holy shit. No one’s ever…” His head dropped back, and his hands fisted in the cover.

Christian sucked harder and worked his throat muscles, repeatedly swallowing around the dick buried in his throat. He could only deep throat for a minute. He would undoubtedly pay for it in the morning, but if the kid liked it that well… He would have smiled, had his mouth not already been occupied.

When he could no longer hold his breath, Christian rose up and swirled his tongue around the head of Tanner’s cock. He wrapped his fist around the base, pumping in time with his mouth’s forays up and down the solid shaft. Tanner’s prick pulsed with life under his ministrations, growing hotter and harder by the second.

Tanner’s need drove Christian’s. His skin felt tight and feverish, his own staff hard and ignored against the bedding. Although his lust ran high, he was able to keep it in check.

He wished he would’ve thought to grab another condom, so the kid could’ve returned the favor, but it was just as well that he hadn’t. He didn’t want the kid to feel obligated. If he came right out and asked, he feared Tanner would suck him off whether he wanted to or not. Lord knew, people probably asked him to do all kinds of things in his line of work. Some contrary bit of Christian’s psyche balked at the thought of being like all the other horny old goats Tanner had serviced. Besides, Christian could always finish himself off later, after he escaped this room with his memories intact. Memories he would use to warn him off whatever next foolish idea he came up with.

Hot. Wet. Oh God, yes.

Tanner’s neck arched, pushing the top of his head into the pillow.

Christian’s mouth wrapped around him, bathing every inch of his dick in slick, wet heat. His tongue worked over every nerve from crown to base with a single-mindedness that stole Tanner’s breath and made him pant. Tiny bursts of pleasure coursed through him, each one greater than the last, as suction pulled and released, and Christian’s sweet lips worked up and down his shaft.

God, so good. So fucking good.

Tanner moaned, the pitiful whine sounding foreign to his ears, as he was overcome with sensation. It’d been way too long since someone had taken the time to suck him off, to make sure he was as turned on as they were before they took him.

His pleasure expanded and ebbed with the tide of Christian’s mouth. His need escalated and rose from one plateau to another, every lick and caress driving him higher, closer to the pinnacle his body strained to reach.
Tentative fingers stroked his sac and the small, but sensitive skin right below, then jostled the plug in his ass. Tanner groaned, his hole stretching and burning around the plug, and lifted his head to look down at the man inflicting such delicious torture on his body.

God, what a sight. Christian was built like a brick shithouse: tall and broad, his limbs compact with heavy muscle. Stretched out across the bed, every inch of Christian’s body was on display for Tanner’s eager gaze, each muscle defined and flexed for his appreciation.

The choicest morsels were right in front of Tanner’s face. The dude’s slim hips tapering down a groin covered in dark ringlets before separating into strong, muscle-corded thighs. Between them, heavy, furred balls cushioned a long, stiff cock that could rival John Holmes’s for top billing.

Even with their difference in height, the other man’s rigid cock pointed at Tanner’s chin at just the right level to take into his mouth and torment in retaliation. Thick and swollen, the plump cap was fatter than the meaty shaft and tinted an alluring shade of plum-the enticement to suck was strong, but impossible without a condom. He may have been a lot of things, but stupid wasn’t one of them. No rubber, no action.

Tanner consoled himself by imagining how the other man’s flesh would taste in his mouth, all bittersweet warmth and silken skin, and reached out to touch instead. Running the tip of a finger over the angry, blue vein that pulsed beneath the crown, he followed it down the rigid stem and wrapped his hand around the thick base. The stiff column of flesh quivered, alive with strength and vitality, and-like snake to tamer-tempted Tanner into petting it. He stroked from root to head, up and over the widely flared head and squeezed down, loving the feel of smooth flesh pulsing under his fingertips, another man’s pleasure at his control.

He felt the end of his dick hit the back of the man’s throat, the undulating muscles at the back squeezing down on the hypersensitive tip of his crown, and a lightning bolt of effervescent tingles shot up the base of his spine.

His hand fell to the bed, playing with his client’s dick the last thing on his mind, as Tanner lost all cognizance of what he should have been doing and submersed himself in the pleasure being so readily offered. What did it matter if he didn’t give the guy a hand job before they fucked? Right now, he was going to relish being the one on the receiving end for a change.

Amid a milieu of breathless pants and moans, Christian upped his game and sucked harder at the turgid flesh in his mouth. His hand fisted the portion not in his mouth; the other massaged the plump sac beneath. He swirled his tongue around the head on every upstroke, flicking over the tip, and laved the intricate web of veins along the shaft on the way back down.

Tanner’s thighs tensed beneath Christian’s fingers. The younger man groaned and pushed up with his hips, sinking his cock deeper into Christian’s mouth. The shaft pulsed and jerked over Christian’s tongue, the first drops of semen splashed against the condom, ballooning out the latex at the back of Christian’s throat. He petted Tanner’s thighs as the kid trembled and shook, coming down from his orgasm.

Tanner’s palm slid down the side of Christian’s face, his thumb rubbing a circle over Christian’s cheek. “Oh my God, you’re good at that.” He stiffened, as if only then becoming aware of what had happened, or in this case, what hadn’t. “Jesus…You didn’t…I mean…I’m sorry. I forgot all about…” He rolled to his side, shoving Christian away from him, and made a grab for Christian’s dick.

Christian was quicker. He swung away, rolling his legs over the side of the bed, and rose to his feet. “You don’t have to do anything. I’m good.”
Tanner scrambled to the foot of the bed. “But… Don’t you want to fuck me?

I’m supposed to take care of you.”

Christian skirted Tanner’s outstretched hand and bent to pick up his jeans. “That’s okay. I’m fine. Really.”

Tanner bit into his lip and watched as Christian shrugged into his clothes. The kid’s uncertain gaze made Christian even more anxious to bolt out of the room. This was, without a doubt, the dumbest idea he’d ever had.

Christian stomped into his shoes and turned to leave. His hand on the doorknob, he stopped and turned back around. “Thanks for, um, everything. It was nice meeting you, Tanner.” And didn’t that sound like the dumbest thing ever?

He was halfway down the hall before it occurred to him that he might’ve been supposed to leave a tip. Did escorts get tips?

Well, it’s too late to go back now.

Christian walked out into the balmy late-night air feeling like an ass.


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“Pyromancer is a burning hot read you will not regret picking up!”
~Reviewed by Tina/Two Lips Reviews

“I love well written stories where the author seamlessly integrates the normal and paranormal portions of a characters life into a cohesive whole, and Ms. Young does that very nicely in her newest book, Pyromancer. Her descriptions of Christian’s uncertainty and fear of hurting someone is very well depicted, allowing the reader to almost feel his pain and loneliness. The same goes for the well-described feelings that Tanner experiences after the death of his father and the unpalatable life he’s been forced into for survival. Yet her best part of this story is the growling relationship between these two men and how hard they fight each other to find the love they are both looking for, each afraid to expect or hope for too much. But watch out once they get together…fire, heat, and blistering hot passion that draw them like moths to a flame.”
~Reviewed by Mystical Nymph/Literary Nymphs Reviews

“Amanda Young crafts a wonderful tale…This is a great romance with an action filled storyline.”
~Reviewed by Dee Daily/The Romance Studio

“A love affair where the heat level is off the scale, and not just because one of the protagonists is burning up and generating a different kind of heat.”
~Wave/Reviews by Jessewave