Candy Man

Bonus short from the Candy series 

After a night of catering to trick-or-treaters, Aaron’s ready to kick back and unwind. But his lover Logan’s sweet tooth is about to derail his plans. Treat yourself to an erotic interlude with the characters of Man Candy.

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Logan had disappeared upstairs earlier, after complaining for the umpteenth time about the uncomfortable cowboy outfit Aaron had talking him into wearing. Not that Aaron felt even slightly guilty about making his lover don skintight jeans, a pair of sexy-as-hell chaps, and a cowboy hat. The man was built like a brick shithouse and nothing showed off Logan’s muscles more than tight jeans and a snug black T-shirt. The only thing better was Logan dressed in nothing but his skin. Unfortunately, having Logan wear his birthday suit while handing out Hershey bars didn’t seem like the best idea, even if the thought had crossed his mind a time or ten while they’d been out shopping for costumes. If nothing else, it sure as hell would have livened up an otherwise boring evening.

Aaron’s dick perked up and twitched inside the constrictive tights he had on under the Batman bodysuit and he briefly considered looking for his lover. The thought of catching Logan undressed, his beautifully rugged body on full display, and pouncing on the man held a lot of appeal, but Aaron quickly dismissed it. At the moment, all he wanted to do was slump down on the sofa and see what was on television.

But first, he needed to get rid of the spandex trying to squeeze his balls off. He tugged and pulled at the tight material, breathing out a deep sigh of relief as the bodysuit dropped to the floor and he stepped out of it. The tights were a bigger pain in the ass, pun intended, and wound up getting ripped down the middle in his hurry to take the damn things off.

I should have picked a more comfortable outfit.

The only reason he’d chosen the Batman theme was because he liked the way the tight fit made Logan’s nostrils flare ever so slightly and his dark eyes spark with lust. Even after living in each other’s back pockets for almost four months, the electrifying chemistry they shared still sometimes came as a shock to him. Logan was just so damn hot; it was hard for Aaron to believe someone so charismatic would fall in love with a geek like him. Not that Logan allowed Aaron a second to doubt their relationship. His lover was nothing if not consistent in the small things he did every day to remind Aaron that he cared. Aaron’s own feelings had snowballed beyond the point of love, sometimes feeling so big he could hardly contain them. The need he felt for Logan hadn’t dissipated one iota. If anything, it had only gotten stronger as they’d grown closer, learning all the ins and outs of private life with each other.

Aaron stepped over the heap of shiny black material — figuring he could clean up his mess later, when he got ready to go upstairs — and moved toward the couch. Cool air wafted over his bare skin, goose bumps popping up on his arms and legs as he made his way to the sofa. He flopped down on one end and dragged the comfy blue afghan off the back, spreading it out over the lower half of his body. With his back propped up against the arm of the couch and his legs stretched out across the length of the couch, Aaron picked up the remote and began flipping through the channels.

All the stations played horror movies on Halloween and he hated that he’d missed out on most of the good ones. When he came across the original Friday the 13th, he stopped and settled back to watch. Hopefully, Logan would come looking for him soon and they could snuggle and make out during the commercial breaks.

Aaron’s eyelids grew heavy as he watched Jason chase a topless blonde on screen. His lips twisted into a wry smile, thinking about how silly it was for some woman to run around naked in the middle of the woods. Who came up with this crap anyway?

The floorboards overhead creaked, quickly followed by the sound of Logan jogging down the steps. “Aaron?”

“In here,” Aaron called out, sitting up a little straighter, waiting for his lover to come into view.

Logan appeared in the doorway, his wide chest gloriously bare and a pair of light gray sweats hanging low on his lean hips. “Hey, babe. All finished with candy duty? Did you run out? Cause I think we still have another bag in the kitchen.”

Aaron’s gaze traveled down his lover’s body to his bare feet before returning to the sizable bulge tenting out the front of the cotton pants. He licked his lips, his mouth suddenly filled with moisture. His cock jerked and began to fill, the nubby fabric of the afghan rubbing over the sensitive crown. Amazing how all it took was one look and he was ready to roll over and beg. “Yep. Done with the handing out, I mean. There’s still some leftover chocolate in the bowl, if you want it. I just got tired of handing it out.”

Logan strode across the room and leaned down for a kiss. Their mouths touched, soft and sweet, and Aaron whimpered. He slipped his tongue out and flicked it over the silky seam between Logan’s lips. Logan’s tongue met Aaron’s with a quick warm and wet tap, and then his lover pulled away.

“So, where’s the candy? I have a bit of a sweet tooth tonight.”

“Mmm,” Aaron replied, trying to remember where he’d put the bowl, as he ran the back of his fingers over the hard outline of Logan’s dick. “You have to say trick or treat first.”

Logan grinned. “Trick or treat. Give me something good to eat…” His singsong voice broke off as he cracked up, chuckling at the childish song.