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Free Bonus Chapter For Something More

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If you enjoyed my menage novel, Something More, there’s a special bonus chapter available for FREE through Instafreebie right now. Take a peek inside Emma, Will, and Paul’s life after they’ve reached their happily-ever-after.

Taboo Desires is FREE 6/10 – 6/14!

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Click on the link below to get your FREE copy now!


Triplesex is FREE July 6-8 on Amazon!

Free July 6-8 on Amazon!


Caleb worked hard to get where he’s at in life. Recently offered tenure at the college where he works, Caleb has let his personal life slide in favor of impressing the powers that be. Now that a much-needed summer vacation is finally at hand, Caleb fears his long hours may have been detrimental to his long-time partner’s happiness.

An appreciative eye for the male form is perfectly natural, but Zaki’s preoccupation with other men is cause for concern. Even though Caleb trusts his lover, he’s suspicious of Zaki’s motives. While Caleb isn’t above a little recreational sex by mutual consent, he wouldn’t be able to forgive Zaki for screwing around behind his back. His only hope is to turn back the tide of discontent before it’s too late.


A Kinky Orgasm is FREE June 6-9 on Amazon!

Free June 6-9 on Amazon!

Sexy man

A Kinky Orgasm

Briar Henley can’t believe his good fortune when Truman Lee strolls into his bar and orders the house specialty—a kinky orgasm. Briar serves up the creamy, alcoholic drink with more than an ounce of curiosity. Why would a straight jock be in a gay bar?

After a little flirting, Briar doesn’t much care why Truman is there. All grown up, Truman looks better than ever. Briar can’t help but react to the pull he’s felt for the other man since high school. Painful memories of the insatiable crush he harbored for the homophobic jock makes Briar yearn for a little payback of the intimate persuasion.

Only Briar is in for a surprise of his own. Truman isn’t in town for a visit. He’s home to stay. And he wants Briar for a lot more than his fancy beverages…


Free Today on Amazon!

Free Today on Amazon!

Pool Boy Seduction 4x6

Pool Boy Seduction

All work and no play makes Martin a dull boy indeed. Long hours at the office and a recent split with his ex have more than taken their toll on his love life. Perving on the pool boy seems like a relatively safe way to let off some steam until the barely legal lad makes a move of his own. Surprised at the young man’s advances, Martin does what any hot-blooded man would. He offers his body up to the pool boy’s seduction.


Tuesday 10: Ten Hot Free MPREG Novels

This week I’m listing my top 10 favorite free MPREG novels. For those who are going “What the BLEEP is MPREG?” It’s any story that involves male pregnancy. A couple of the stories below are fanfiction and marked as such so you’ll know what you’re getting into before you click on the links. 1. A…

Something More Revisited has a brand new cover!

My free story, Something More Revisited has a brand new cover that I’m excited to share with you all. It was done by Yoly Cortez over at Cormar Covers.

More_Revisited_Final 2x3

Pretty nice, right? I’m thrilled with how well the new cover turned out.