Plagiarism Strikes Again


plag again

I was notified earlier tonight that my novella, Windfall has been plagiarized. As you can imagine, finding out my work has been stolen again is a nightmare. You hear about plagiarism all the time, but you never think it’ll happen to you. I certainly never thought it would happen to be twice in less than 18 months.

This time around the thief in question has stolen from twelve different authors. Every single one of the published books listed under Addison Scott’s name belongs to someone else. So, please, please don’t buy work from Addison Scott. And if you’re an author, you might want to check out this person’s catalog and see if you recognize any of the blurbs. I think most of the authors have been notified, but you can never be too careful.

Here’s a complete list of all the authors being ripped off

One Good Man = Taking In Strays by Kracken
Bound to Please = Tied by E. Davies
Can’t Forget Him = Poor Little Rich Boy by Kate Sherwood
Friendly Persuasion = Seducing Jordan by Andrea Dalling
Coming Undone = Once a Marine by Cat Grant
Behind Closed Doors = Unconditionally by Amber Nation
Under the Influence = Saving Michael by Ashley John
Long Road Home = Winter’s Fire by Donya Lynne and Reese Dante
As Hot As It Gets = Hard Love by Brea Kendall
Closer = Whatever You Want by Arvel Amaya
Not Just Friends = Windfall by Amanda Young


It looks like this mess may be getting resolved shortly. Emails flooded Direct 2 Digital last night. I sent DCMA notices as well. This morning at least one other author called them and reported back that the thief’s account was being blocked and all the stolen works are to be pulled today. So hooray for the community coming together and joining forces to get shit done. We can do amazing things when we have a common goal.