Secret Yearning by Lolly Tova


Consider stumbling upon your best friends making love, and from that moment onward being consumed by a frightening new attraction for them that drives you to distraction. That’s what happens to my heroine, Sasha Mooney, and during the course of the story she’s forced to decide whether she’s the third wheel or third lover.

While the story is packed with plenty of hot sex, there’s also romance. Secret Yearning pays homage to the friends to lovers troupe, but spices up this old chestnut with a menage relationship.


After Sasha Mooney’s latest doomed relationship fails, her best friends, Kate and Justin, drag her off for a long weekend in a remote cottage to celebrate her thirtieth birthday. Only, the new romance between Kate and Justin highlights Sasha’s loneliness—and jealousy—and she can’t help but crave the return of their cozy, platonic threesome.

Whichever way Sasha turns, she stumbles across Kate and Justin making love, and soon she’s consumed by a frightening desire for both of them that isolates her further.

When a morning alone with Kate leads to a romantic encounter, Sasha’s guilt and self-loathing spiral out of control. She’s crossed a line and quickly hurdles another when Justin walks in on her in the shower and sparks fly. With hopes of salvaging her friendships fading fast, Sasha’s options don’t look pretty. Either she risks Kate and Justin’s contempt by admitting her feelings for them both, or she respects their new relationship and walks out of their lives for good.

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Author Picture & Bio:

Lolly Tova

Lolly Tova writes contemporary and fantasy erotic romance.

Lolly is a West Country girl living in London, England, who regularly breaks the cardinal rules of city life by making eye contact with strangers and wishing passers-by a good morning.

By day, Lolly helps to shape the next generation of art masters. By night, she crafts her erotic flights of fancy, which are slightly kooky, a lot quirky, and a smidgen dark and disturbing when the wind blows in the right direction.

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All three novellas in my Bottom’s Up series have undergone a makeover and are now available through Kindle Unlimited. That means if you haven’t read A Kinky Orgasm, Triplesex, or Absolutely Screwed, you can now read them for free.
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Guest Post: DIY Blog Tours by Ines Johnson

Ines Johnson is on the blog today, sharing a little bit about do it yourself blog tours. My thanks to Ines for stopping by and teaching us all a little something about promotion today. DIY Blog Tour If You Publish It, They Will Come That may have been true ten, five years ago in indie…

Friday Five: F.E. Feeley Jr.

Hi all. This week’s guest for Friday Five is author, F.E. Feeley Jr. Thanks for joining me here on the blog, Mr. Feeley! What kind of books do you read for fun? I love Horror Novels. Stephen King, Dean Koontz etc. but I’ve read a great deal of John Inman and Jamie Fessenden along with…

8 Year Authorversary!

Eight years ago today my M/M/F romance novel, Something More was released at Loose Id. Although Something More was the third novel I penned, it was the first to be released to the public. It’s crazy to think I’ve been a published author for eight years and a serious writer for over a decade now. Time flies when you’re doing something you love.

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Contest Winner Anouncement

fkf30042First off, thank you so much to everyone who participated in the blog hop last week and all the people who came out to visit our blogs. A special thank you goes to DP Denham for arranging the event.

The winner of the grand prize was Linda Elliot Jude. Congrats Linda!

The winner of my giveaway for a $10 giftcard is Carol L. Congratulations Carol! Please email me at to claim your prize.


Love is Love – Valentine’s Day Blog Hop

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Hi everyone! Thanks for visiting the blog today. This afternoon (all week really) I’m participating in a Valentine’s Day Blog Hop. There are a ton of authors involved and a huge list of prizes. The grand prize is a Kindle ereader loaded with books. Pretty sweet, right? You can enter to win the grand prize by filling out an entry using the Rafflecopter widget located about midway down this blog post.

I’m sure most of the authors are holding additional giveaways on their blogs as well, so make sure you follow the links below to make sure you don’t miss out on anything.

In honor of the hop, I’m sharing a romantic interlude from Reckless Heart, book four in my Reckless series. I’m also giving away a $10 gift card to either Amazon or All Romance Ebooks (winner’s choice). To enter, just sign up for my low-volume newsletter, which can be done by entering your name and email address in the gray widget located in the sidebar to the right of this post. Then leave a comment saying you’re signed up. Pretty simple, right? I’ll choose a winner at random and make an announcement here on the blog on the morning of the 17th.



Reckless Heart

By Amanda Young

No one promised Milo a silver spoon, but being disowned was beyond his expectations. Amidst all the drama, he does the one thing sure to make life more complex; he falls in love with a man destined to break his heart.

Available at Loose Id, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and All Romance Ebooks


An Exclusive Excerpt From Reckless Heart

The floor squeaked beneath Cam’s feet as he approached Milo from behind. Warm arms enveloped him. “How would you feel about having me around a little bit more?”
Milo twisted his neck and stared up at Cam. “Are you kidding me?”
“No, not at all.” Cam kissed Milo’s cheek. “I just have a glimmer of an idea really. It’ll take some time and a lot of money, but I think it might be worthwhile to open another refuge house here. I mean, the shelter started out as her baby, and this house belonged to her side of the family. I can’t think of a better way to make the best of my inheritance and honor her memory than starting up another house here, in our hometown.”
“I think that’s a great idea. There aren’t enough programs around here for people in need.” Milo turned and faced his lover. “Does that mean you might be spending more time in town?”
“Definitely. It might take me a while to make sure everything’s secure in New York, but I’d like to eventually move here and oversee things. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the man I love lives here.”
Milo’s breath hitched. He met Cam’s eyes. “Say that again. Please?”
“I love you, Milo. I’m sorry I couldn’t say it before, but I needed to be sure of my feelings. You should know, you’re the first person I’ve ever said those words to.”
“God, Cam—”
“Wait. Let me finish.”
Milo nodded, although he was itching to reach out to Cam. Nothing could top what Cam had just said. There was no way. Nothing was better than hearing that Cam wanted to be with him. Him. And not in some long-distance, every-now-and-then sort of way, but all the time. Like a real couple. Milo finally realized why some people broke out in song and dance. The way he felt right then, it wasn’t outside the realm of possibility.
“Spending the day with you and your family yesterday made me realize something important. I don’t want to go home. I want to stay here, with you. I don’t know what the future will hold, whether this project will even work or not, but I can’t stand the thought of spending another minute alone. I need you by my side.”
Milo swallowed, overwhelmed by Cam’s confession. Never in his wildest dreams had he imagined such a declaration.
Cam tugged on the ends of Milo’s hair. “Tell me what you’re thinking.”
“You have no idea how much I’ve wanted to hear you say that.”
“Why do I hear a ‘but’ on the end of that sentence?”
“Are you sure? I’d give anything to spend more time with you, to really be with you, but I don’t want you to move here, relocate just for me, and then end up regretting it later.”
“Haven’t you been listening? I admit, my desire to be closer to you is part of the reason I’d like to relocate—I’d be lying if I said otherwise—but it’s not the only motive. Even if we ended things tomorrow, I would still want to come here and make the best use of this property. I love you; I want to be with you. However, I’m not naive enough to drop who knows how much money on a project I don’t care about just so I can justify being near my lover.”
“God, Cam.” Now that he had what he wanted, there were so many things Milo wanted to say and do that he wasn’t sure where to start. “I don’t know what to say.”
Cam smiled, his brilliant green eyes twinkling. “You could start by saying it back.”
Milo laughed and threw his arms around Cam, so happy he could burst. “I love you too. You know I do.”
“Maybe,” Cam whispered, softly brushing his lips against Milo’s. “But I’ll never tire of hearing it.”

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A.J. Marcus, Aidee Ladnier, Alexa Milne, Amanda Young, Annabeth Albert, Anne Barwell, April Kelley, Brandon Shire, Bronwyn Heeley, C. J. Anthony, Catherine Lievens, Cecil Wilde, Charlie Cochrane, Christopher Koehler, David Connor, DP Denman, Draven St. James, Elin Gregory, Elizabeth Noble, Ethan Stone, Eva Lefoy, H.B. Pattskyn, Hayley B James, J.M. Dabney, Jennifer Wright, Jessie G, Julie Lynn Hayes, Karen Stivali, Kazy Reed, Kendall McKenna, L M Somerton, Lily G Blunt, Lisabet Sarai, Lynley Wayne, M.A. Church, Megan Linden, Morticia Knight, N.J. Nielsen, Neil Plakcy, Sibley Jackson, Shiloh Saddler, Stephen del Mar, Sue Brown, Tali Spencer, Tara Lain, Thianna Durston, TM Smith, Tracey Michael


Ebook Prizes:

Aidee Ladnier The Break-in
Amanda Young Winner chooses from author’s available titles
Bronwyn Heeley Winner chooses from author’s available titles
C. J. Anthony Heaven
Charlie Cochrane Something from my back list – winner’s choice.
David Connor Tidings of Comfort and Joey Down Under
DP Denman Winner chooses from author’s available titles
Elin Gregory Alike As Two Bees
Ethan Stone Winner chooses from author’s available titles
Eva Lefoy Love is a Mess anthology
H.B. Pattskyn Hanging by the Moment
J.M. Dabney When All Else Fails
Jessie G The Protector
Julie Lynn Hayes When Will I See You Again
Lisabet Sarai Necessary Madness
Lynley Wayne Winner chooses from author’s available titles
M.A. Church The Harvest series (book #1 and book #2)
Morticia knight All Fired Up (Sin City Uniforms 1)
N.J. Nielsen Winner chooses from author’s available titles
Sibley Jackson Private Performance
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Tali Spencer Dangerous Beauty
Tara Lain Canning the Center
Thianna Durston The Blake/Dusty Chronicles: Two Sides of the Same Coin
Alexa Milne Rainbow Connection (due out 13th Feb) or Sporting Chance.
Anne Barwell Winner chooses from author’s available titles
April Kelley Whispers of Home
Brandon Shire The Love of Wicked Men – Episode One
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Cecil Wilde Defying Convention
Christopher Koehler Poz
Draven St. James Scent of a Wolf
Elizabeth Noble Winner chooses from author’s available titles
Hayley B James Undercover Addiction
Jennifer Wright All 3 Finding Home Series books – Pavarus, Morvea, & Airos
Karen Stivali Moment of Impact
Kendall McKenna 1) Strength of the Pack 2)Waves Break My Fall
L M Somerton Rasputin’s Kiss
Lily G Blunt Paint the Sky
Megan Linden Running Off the Edge
Stephen del Mar Dark Love
TM Smith Opposites
Tracey Michael Pretty Please

Don’t forget to visit the other hop participants to check out their posts and enter any additional giveaways they might be running.

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Shiloh Saddler

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Hot For Friday Blog Hop: Swoon Worthy Heroes

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all doing well today and ready to kick off a fantastic weekend with today’s post. I’m doing something new this morning. I’m taking part in the Book Boyfriends Cafe weekly blog hop. It’s called Hot For Friday and this week’s theme is all about a hot and swoon-worthy line of dialogue between protagonists.

I’m going to share what I think is a pretty touching mini-excerpt from my novel, Missing in Action.

Missing in Action 225x150

Tristan stared down at Sara, a serious expression on his handsome face. “Have I told you how much I love you today?”
“Only about a hundred times but I wouldn’t mind hearing it again.”
“I love you, Sara McCoy. You know we still haven’t figured out what my new name’s going to be. What would you say to being Mrs. Stan McCoy? We’ll keep your last name since we obviously can’t use mine. That way you won’t have to change either yours or Sam’s last name.”
“Sounds good to me, Stan. Just don’t get mad at me if I yell out the wrong name during sex.”
“We’ll just have to keep practicing until you get it right.”
The grin that spread across Sara’s face was filled with wicked delight. “Well, you know what they say—practice makes perfect.”

Missing in Action is currently available at Samhain, Amazon, and All Romance Ebooks.

Don’t forget to check out all the other participant’s posts for more swoon-worthy snippets.

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